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Fast and Smart How Small Marketing Teams Are Better Suited for Fast-Paced Modern Marketing

Marketing is fundamentally built on flexibility. An idea is only as strong as how fluid it is, and some of the greatest ideas in marketing have evolved in numerous ways to become the strategy they are at the current time. Some marketing companies have stuck to the same basic strategies, such as Coca-Cola. But, the marketing team have tried new things, evolved some concepts, and introduced a level of flexibility to keep them on the cusp of the industry. Everyone still wants a bottle of Coke.

A marketing team faces often necessary obstacles in deciding what path to take. They need to find the right marketing angle, including the right demographic. They need to isolate the proper channels. For example, are they going to go for a media buying frenzy, focus entirely on the use of television commercials, a strict online video strategy, or a media mix of all involved outlets?

Bloated Obstacles

The decision on how to tackle a marketing strategy is cumbersome. But, does it have to be? Are there not excessive obstacles involved in this process that can slow things down tremendously? Companies need to stave off many natural inclinations for their marketing. These obstacles can be refined or removed entirely. They include:

An excessive hierarchy of approval
A period waiting time
Too many cooks in the kitchen mentality
Unnecessary legal maneuvering or stringent copyrights
These marketing elements can slow down the process, taking the marketing strategy away from “fast and responsive” to “slow and clunky.”

The Appeal of a Small Team

A small personal-sized video production team can accommodate many needs without becoming burdened by many of the above aspects. A TV commercial can be made to capitalize on a new development. But, an extensive and lengthy process can just slow it down and weaken the final impact of the commercial. Marketing is often about timing, and letting that time pass is unfortunate. This is especially so if the idea is strong and the team is passionate, but needless systems are in place to slow down everything.

Marketing Cooperation

If any company was to hire outside help for marketing, and they should, they need to assess who is going to be involved and to what degree. A lot can be said about this topic, but it all comes back to slowing down the process. If too many individuals are involved, the process becomes bloated. It is slower and not fit for the fast-paced world.

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